Iris Frango

Obituary of Iris Frango

It saddens us to share that Iris Frango born in Queens, New York on June 03, 1936 has passed away on December 06, 2017 @ 4:30 pm. She passed in her own home in Brentwood, New York, where she had lived and raised her family for over 50 years. Iris passed away on her own terms just as she lived her life … Strong, Confident, and Simple. She was always filled with love for all. Always happy and with a smile. If an angel was to have lived alongside us it would have been Iris... An actual gift to us all.

She believed in “LOVE” never to falter or be challenged. Married to her husband and survivor Joseph for over 60 years and a friendship that expanded over 7 decades. The bond will be unbroken and will remain forever strong as it has been tested for being endless. We have all learned from this experience

Love is something special
to be treated delicately and gentle
It is a seed that will open
For your desires and your needs
So plant it in your heart, water it with care, 
for love will be yours as long as you leave it there…
AJR 1982

This is something that Iris held dearly... The love for literature and reading kept her mind sharp... The love for her family kept us all warm... the love to please and create great food kept us all full... The love for numbers kept us all prosperous, the love to live and be beside her family kept her here until the last breath... surrounded by LOVE

Survivors to the most wonderful loving gift a “Mom”, her husband Joseph, Daughter Rebecca, Sons Kenneth and Robert, Grandchildren Alaina and Zachary Frango and Martin Jr. and Elizabeth DiMase.

Mom you will be missed by many but never forgotten.